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Fuel for the Soul

Books that I use to find spiritual reading:

The Catholic Lifetime Reading Plan - Hardon
33 Doctors of the Church
This Tremendous Lover - Boylan

Reading List 2014     Favorite scripture for meditation - Song of Songs

The World's First Love - Sheen (easy read on the Blessed Mother)
33 Days to Morning Glory - Gaitley (de Montfort's teachings in a user friendly format,we use it with our children to renew our Marian consecration)
Story of a Soul - Therese of Lisieux (I love Therese's spirituality, had a hard time getting through this book, though)
Consoling the Heart of Jesus - Gaitley (great manual for developing the desire to suffer for Jesus)
Prayer Primer - Dubay (excellent for beginners as well as more advanced in prayer)
Learning the Virtues - Guardini (took my time on this one and it is well worth it)
True Devotion to the Holy Spirit*** -Martinez (looking for intimacy? this one changed my prayer life)
Fire Within*** - Dubay (combines teachings of Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross)
Interior Castle - Teresa Avila (levels of intimacy with the Divine)
Deep Conversion/Deep Prayer - Dubay(can you tell I really enjoyed his writing style?!)
Worshipping a Hidden God - Martinez (consolations, desolations, what does it all mean?)
Guidance in Spiritual Direction - Doyle (written for spiritual directors, not a replacement for a good spiritual director, though)
Soul of the Apostolate - Chautard (feeling like you aren't doing enough?  this little gem helps keep focus on the interior life)

Reading List 2015      Favorite scripture for meditation - Psalm 63 and 139

I Believe in Love*** - D'Elbee (St. Therese's teachings...loved this book!!)
Sermons on the Song of Songs - Bernard of Clairvaux (dig in to this love poetry meant for all of us)
True Devotion to Mary - Louis de Montfort (after doing 33 days for a few years, I returned to de Montfort, well worth it!)
On the Passion of Christ - Kempis (my Lenten companion this year)
Heart of Compassion - Vann (feminine genius at its best)
The Holy Eucharist - Liguori (could be a lifetime's worth of meditation)
The Better Part - Bartunek (the gospels with a lectio divina style)
This Tremendous Lover*** - Boylan (this book brought me face to face with this Tremendous Lover, begins with the basics of Christian life and ends with the heights of His Love)
The Imitation of Christ - Kempis (working my way through this one rather slowly, lots to chew on every day)
Divine Comedy - Dante (per Pope Francis' recommendation for the upcoming year of Divine Mercy)
Feeding on the Bread of Life - Oelrich (short little book with meditations on John 6, written for homily material, excellent study on the Eucharist in Scripture)
Handmaid of the Lord*** - von Speyr (life in Christ through the Blessed Mother, it's all about mission)
Divine Mercy in My Soul - Kowalska (also recommended for upcoming year of Divine Mercy)
The Imitation of Mary - de Rouville
The Reed of God*** - Houselander (life of the Blessed Mother in poetic beauty, very appropriate for today's reader...plan to return to this one many times in the future)
The Real Presence - Eymard (excellent meditation material)
On Loving God - Bernard of Clairvaux
Mary: The Church at the Source - Benedict XVI / von Balthasar

Reading List 2016  Job

The Imitation of Christ - Kempis
Ascent of Mt. Carmel - St. John of the Cross
The Real Presence - Eymard
Jesus the Bridegroom - Pitre
Life of Christ - Ricciati
Souls at Rest

Reading List 2017

The Four Loves- Lewis
Christ Life of Our Soul- Marmion
The Complete Works- St. Elizabeth of the Trinity
The Contemplative Hunger - Fr. Donald Haggerty
Navigating the Interior Life- Dan Burke
The Way to Christ - John Paul II
Discernment of Spirits - Fr. Timothy Gallagher

Reading List 2018

Lightening Meditations - Ronald Knox
The Passion from Within - von Speyr
Fire from Above - Dr. Anthony Lillies
The Power of Silence - Robert Cardinal Sarah
The Mystery of God's Word- Raneiro Cantalamessa
The Layman and His Conscience - a retreat by Ronald Knox

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