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Monday, April 28, 2014

1st Communion Sunday

Here are a few pictures from Johnny's 1st Communion.
This photo was taken especially for Johnny's godparents.
Since they weren't able to be with us, I had Stephen text a
picture or two.

Johnny is the little head to the right.  I like this picture because Joe K. came from
seminary to be a part of Johnny's day and there he is, up by the altar.
(I think Joe is a little camera shy, so we gotta be sneaky sometimes!)

John Paul received his 1st Communion from Fr. John Paul on
the day that Pope John Paul II was canonized a saint.
How's that for a celebration?!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Joy!

Clare's pretty lemonade punch (just frozen lemonade with strawberries).

Matthew at work in the kitchen.

His deviled egg masterpiece.

Fran Man and wheelbarrow...

 enjoying the gorgeous Easter weather.


The kid table...

and the "sophisticated conversation" table.

Playing Hearts with the Cousins...

in the great outdoors!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Thankful for Everyday Life

Linking up with Jamie again this week...
Thankful for "helpful" toddlers who love the laundry basket and can't wait to climb inside.

Thankful for a homemade hot cocoa and peanut butter toast breakfast.

Thankful for little sibs who can't wait to decorate for the big sib birthday.
Thankful for quick birthday bars 'cuz we only threw this celebration together
 on the spur of the moment.

There he is!  Our newly minted 20 yo.  We are so thankful for Timothy.

Thankful for his great sense of humor.
(He's warming his hands by the fire.)
Oh, there he is again.  The Laundry Guy.
(Thankful the clothes are still in the basket!)

 OK, how do I get OUT now?
Thankful for lots of Easter Joy!
(Disclaimer : I did not make that bunny, Dan brought it home from work.)

Thankful Dad can keep Fran Man out of the egg dye.

Thankful for this whole crazy bunch...

and my big guys, too.
Thankful someone likes to eat all those eggs we dyed.
Thankful this is the last of the snow!  Or did I hear something about flakes
 in the forecast for next week?
Snowstorm pic from last week.
So, so thankful it was gone by Easter!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gabers:  Let's have a picnic down by the goose poop.

Johnny:  That spot's under water.

(Really guys, water is not the only thing wrong with that picnic location.  Is anyone else with me on this one?)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Thankful for everyday life

Thankful for older brothers playing with younger brothers.
(yeah, Matthew has him on a leash.  Francis thought it was great)

Thankful for my serious Gabers' goofy mood lately.
Thankful for busy toddlers.
(every. shoe. must. come. out.)
What goes up, must come down.
(except he hasn't quite figured that part out, yet)
Thankful for fun, easy, and free craft ideas.
(turn one direction, it's Jesus)

Turn the other direction.
(It's JESUS in the monstrance...pretty awesome!!!  We did this as part of Johnny's
1st Communion prep.  See Catholic Icing for this color by number and more great ideas.)

Thankful we have a zillion egg cartons for this craft.(Also from Lacy at Catholic Icing)

Thankful I can fix these...over...and over...

Thankful for yummy Baked Oatmeal for breakfast.

Thankful for the view from our dining room window!
(No snow and the ice is looking pretty worn out.  YES!)

Thankful for our hill billy front yard being transformed
(Let's see...I count two cars out there.  Last week there were 9 cars,
two fish houses, a boat, a pontoon,and a plow! 
Not gonna complain about a few scooters and bikes no more.)
Linking up with Jamie (only one day late!)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Having some fun with music...

Matthew participated in MMTA's Music Bridges this past weekend.  The requirements are to play three musical pieces and present two additional  works of art or handcrafted items, preferably within a theme.  Linda helped him pick out music, "South of the Border Suite", and then he went to work drawing a sombrero on a fence post.

We had originally talked about making a pinata for the final item but settled on maracas, instead.  This ended up being rather labor intensive, involving several layers of paper mache, and days of drying in between.  I ,of course, chronicled the process with the camera.  So, here you have it...

with a little help from Mom

and a crazy-paper-shredding sister
the finished product after painting...Matthew's favorite part
On Saturday, he played Hot n Spicy, Evening Serenade, and Mariachi Holiday for a music judge and then explained his drawing and the process behind the making of the maracas.  He decided this was a lot of fun and would like to do this again next year.  Thanks to Linda for jump starting this project and to this website which we used for making the maracas.