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Friday, April 11, 2014

Thankful for everyday life

Thankful for older brothers playing with younger brothers.
(yeah, Matthew has him on a leash.  Francis thought it was great)

Thankful for my serious Gabers' goofy mood lately.
Thankful for busy toddlers.
(every. shoe. must. come. out.)
What goes up, must come down.
(except he hasn't quite figured that part out, yet)
Thankful for fun, easy, and free craft ideas.
(turn one direction, it's Jesus)

Turn the other direction.
(It's JESUS in the monstrance...pretty awesome!!!  We did this as part of Johnny's
1st Communion prep.  See Catholic Icing for this color by number and more great ideas.)

Thankful we have a zillion egg cartons for this craft.(Also from Lacy at Catholic Icing)

Thankful I can fix these...over...and over...

Thankful for yummy Baked Oatmeal for breakfast.

Thankful for the view from our dining room window!
(No snow and the ice is looking pretty worn out.  YES!)

Thankful for our hill billy front yard being transformed
(Let's see...I count two cars out there.  Last week there were 9 cars,
two fish houses, a boat, a pontoon,and a plow! 
Not gonna complain about a few scooters and bikes no more.)
Linking up with Jamie (only one day late!)

1 comment:

  1. Loved this Kim!! Glad to see our kids are not the only ones that leave their scooters out just anywhere....at least they are in one area, unlike ours all over the yard.

    Oh, I just want to kiss that little Frances, he's so cute!!
    Love the Catholic Icing crafts you did! I've not seen those accordian ones...our printer is down though now. I love Lacy's preschool book!

    Baked oatmeal? We need the recipe. You can't show food and not give the recipe...I have a recipe I like to use, but would love a new one!

    You are not late to the link up, I just try to post on Thursday (sometime)--Thanks for linking up!