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Monday, April 7, 2014

Having some fun with music...

Matthew participated in MMTA's Music Bridges this past weekend.  The requirements are to play three musical pieces and present two additional  works of art or handcrafted items, preferably within a theme.  Linda helped him pick out music, "South of the Border Suite", and then he went to work drawing a sombrero on a fence post.

We had originally talked about making a pinata for the final item but settled on maracas, instead.  This ended up being rather labor intensive, involving several layers of paper mache, and days of drying in between.  I ,of course, chronicled the process with the camera.  So, here you have it...

with a little help from Mom

and a crazy-paper-shredding sister
the finished product after painting...Matthew's favorite part
On Saturday, he played Hot n Spicy, Evening Serenade, and Mariachi Holiday for a music judge and then explained his drawing and the process behind the making of the maracas.  He decided this was a lot of fun and would like to do this again next year.  Thanks to Linda for jump starting this project and to this website which we used for making the maracas.

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