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Friday, June 21, 2013

Storm Damage

We woke up this morning to the sight of...

lots of trees down.
Surveying the damage from safe inside the house.

Everybody has something to do...
except for Stephen, he doesn't move much without his
cup of Joe in the morning.
I guess he deserves a break today since he spent the
stormy night out here...

literally rocking with the the wind in the fort.
(Look at my beautiful apple tree.  Boo hoo!)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Perking up the Place for Summer

Andrew is new to mowing this summer.  He is very excited about this and offers to mow every week, even when the lawn doesn't necessarily need it!

Then we roped a few guys into painting the deck.  No, they didn't offer.  It was more like, "Hey!  You're not working today?  How about spending your free time slaving over the deck for us."

OK, so Stephen is slaving.  Tim's just supervising and guzzling pop.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Marianna's New Glasses...Round 2

See?  Aren't they just so cute?  I must be a sucker for cute.  The guy that sold us the glasses insisted Marianna would love them because of their cuteness factor.  He claimed she would like to wear them and she did parade around the store like a little princess.  Oh, maybe these will be the answer to all of our problems. NOT!

Flash forward 30 minutes later and we are in Kohl's shopping with Clare.  Suddenly, I notice that we have no cute, little pink glasses on Marianna's head!  Ugh, retrace our steps through the entire juniors' section and  voila...there they are on the floor near the dressing rooms.  SO MUCH FOR CUTE.

Today she was wearing them outside (I know I said we would keep the glasses for indoor wear only.  Not practical!!  At this time of year, she's outside more than she's inside.)  Guess what?  Half way through the day...no glasses.  So, after ranting a little (ha!),  I ask her where her glasses are.  She leads Clare up  to the little pine tree in front of the garage and there they are, in all of their cuteness, folded nicely under the tree. HELP!

I am seriously going to lose my cool, but instead I manage to take a deep breath, get down on my knees and look her in the eye.  I say in my sternest voice, "No more losing you glasses, Marianna.  You have to keep your glasses on all. of. the. time."  Then she looks at me with those big, green eyes rimmed with tears and a little pouty lip, for added effect, and I know I'm not just a sucker for cute.  I'm a sucker...PERIOD.
Last night during prayer time...

Gabers:  Our Lady of the Streets

The rest of the fam:  Pray for us

Gabers:  Our Lady of the Smile

The rest of the fam:  Pray for us

Gabers:  Our Lady of Mountain Carmel

The rest of the fam:  (Yum!..I mean)  Pray for us

Monday, June 17, 2013

Bath Time

Pictures are courtesy of Therese. As you can see, my hands were full.

Every super cute baby deserves his very own super cute bath towel.

Check out those big blue eyes!

Not terribly happy about the situation.

Recovered enough to give us a quick smile.
A very big thank you to Grandma Mary for the towel and Mary blanket.  11 babies  = 11 blankets... as our teens would say, You Rock!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

All in a day, with Joe K.

Let's just say, this day involved some digging of worms and fishing from the canoe..

And a storytime, too!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Little Man

Making faces...

Then he discovered the couch...

kick, kick, kick!

Look at those legs go!

He was getting kind of fussy here.  Enough with the pictures...

Can you see the family resemblance? (More than just the bald heads, I mean.)
Please ignore the crazy kid in the background.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Something old, something new

We have four of these chairs that are practically members of the family.  I think they were used as dining room furniture by my brother-in-law, Scott, years ago.  Then they moved to the great outdoors as lawn furniture when Tammie and Scott got married.  Along the way, we inherited them and they took up residence on the pontoon.  Let's just say they were beginning to look more than a little worn out.  Dan decided to try using some leftover spray paint made for plastic on them.  Check out the new look!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Garden Post

I was so thrilled to see the tulips I planted last Fall.  Had to take way too many pictures, just for proof that the temperature is really warming up...finally.

An anemone that was added to the Mary Garden last year.

Before mulching...
and after.
(The fish house in the background was Joseph's get away while he was home.)

One Happy, Little Girl!

I made Matthew read outside today....

so he could keep an eye on his little sister.

Just look at that contentment!