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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Friday Night without Dad...

This past Friday Dan came home from work just in time to turn around and head back... troubles in Plastic Land.  So, what's a worn out Mom with 8 hungry kids to do?  Stepping into quick and easy mode, I decided to make Peanut Butter Pancakes and with Clare's help everyone settled in to our

Yum! Look at the contentment.

Of course, without Dad's supervision, peace doesn't last long at this time of night.  Why keep your hands to yourself when you can be irritating your sister?

Even Marianna wants OUT!

By the time the kitchen is cleaned up and I'm ready to relax, I find all-out war taking place in the livingroom.

Don't yell at us, Mom.  We're just spectators.
Do I...
A.  Lose my marbles and start screeching at the top of my lungs.
B.  Join them!
C.  Run screaming out the front door as if the house is on fire.
D.  Pray that my Knight-in-Shining Armor will walk through the door and save me.

Well, I didn't have time to do any of the above because at that moment my Knight did walk through the door and fifteen minutes later....

peace and tranquility were restored.  Sigh!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Ugh, it's Monday...again!

That means I have to get on the floor and workout.  I know, you're in shock because me and exercise generally don't go together in the same sentence.  I started this program about three weeks ago.  It's not an exercise program per se (I think I've mentioned my aversion to all things exercise.)  This is more of a stretching  and toning deal.  Anyway, I tried it out after seeing books by this physical therapist at Linda's (I read everything in her living room, and kitchen for that matter, during piano lessons).  After years of joint stiffness and pain, this program is really helping me feel better.  Here's the catch....I have to actually DO the program and that means either getting up before Marianna (that's 6AM...a hex be upon you early risers!) or enjoy her added weight on top of my body while I stretch and tone.  Leaving her to entertain herself is not the best idea either.  Here's what I caught her doing this morning...

OK, OK I'll find some breakfast for you!

Blast from the Past

Clare has been digging through old pictures and posting them on Facebook.  Here's a sweet one from the summer of 2002 (back when she was the only girl in the family).

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Tale of Two Dollies

Marianna's teachers brought a couple of dolls with them last week.  They thought it would be fun for Marianna to dress and feed and play the mom.  I tried getting a picture of her playing the good, little mommy.  This was the best I could do.

Not looking too nurturing there.  At least she likes this doll, the one with hair did not fair as well.  As soon as Marianna saw her, she put on her grumpy face, threw the doll down and covered her with a blanket.

I'm thinking she's just jealous, 'cuz THAT baby has LOTS of hair.  Besides, I'm betting Marianna is more of the shopping kinda gal.

She always has her purse close at hand and those sunglasses are just the thing to finish her ensemble.

Ready to take the world by storm!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I keep forgetting to thank you for the lovely anniversary gift, so now you'll get a whole post about it!

Everyone is impressed by your skill, Grandma.  I will treasure these always, thank you!

As I was taking these pictures, I noticed an ugly rip in that nearly new comforter there.  Note to self, fancy things don't cut it in this house.  (This is Dan's side of the bed and he IS a violent sleeper...just sayin'.)  Now I  feel some creativity kicking in and thinking maybe I should try out some quilting or at least recover that comforter with something more durable.  Just look what you started, Grandma.  Oh, this could be all kinds of fun!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Since it's been at least a day since I posted pictures of the small fry, here's a new batch!

Gabriel insists on going outside first thing every morning.  Today he tried snowboarding close to the house.  Once he realized everyone was watching him, he became quite the show off!

In the afternoon,  Andrew found enough snow to make this cute fella'.

And when everyone was worn out, they returned to the house for kisses from Marianna!

The windows are a slobbery mess, but this is  so cute I don't even care.  She does the same thing for Dan every morning when he leaves for work.  He took a picture from the outside but it's stuck on his phone.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A little giggle for you...

Here's a joke from Matthew's handwriting book:

What is grey, wrinkled and baggy, and belongs to Grandma?

Answer: Grandpa!

Remember when you could eat off of Dan's garage floor?

                                                                   Not anymore! 

Dan and Joseph have built a sandblasting chamber out of plastic on one side of the garage. It comes complete with screen door entry.  Dan's creativity knows no bounds, he always amazes me with his ideas.  Never say never to that man!

The pool table has been moved over for this new stage of car repair and  there's just enough room for Dan's Subaru to warm up each night.

Somewhere in all that dust, Joseph is hard at work!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Answer to Yesterday's Puzzler is.....

it's a chunk of steel.  How boring is that?  After all the things Clare and I dreamed up that it could have been!  Anyway,  here's some pictures from yesterday.

Joe and I made a huge batch of Puppy Chow and everybody scarfed on it after sledding for  a VERY LONG TIME.  Wish I could have gotten a picture of Therese on the snowboard.  She's getting quite good.  My pictures are a little quick because I wanted to make sure I got my share of the snack.  Have I mentioned that I love chocolate?  Mmmm, chocolate and a glass of milk...or in Joe's case, a can or twelve of Dr. Pepper.

And what's one of my posts without a cute Marianna picture?

Therese dubbed her "Pink Baby Ninja"

Your guess is as good as mine!

Yesterday morning was a little too icy for our big, beasty van to be on the roads, so I borrowed Joseph's Subaru to take the kids to music lessons.  After brushing the snow off of the entire car and scraping the windshield, I jumped in to start it up and behold, what do I see?

That's just it!  WHAT do I see?  Cough drops and quarters marinating in Dr. Pepper.  And some unidentified object?  I'm thinking petrified beef stick, possibly?  Yech, I'm pretty sure I'm scarred for life.  Clare was so grossed out I didn't think she'd sit next to me on the way to Linda's.  Soooo, what's your guess.... I'll let you know what it really is....tomorrow!
For those of you who would like more of a hint.  Here's a NICE CLOSE-UP just for you.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Another gem from Therese

Therese announced the other day that if Joseph becomes a priest someday, she hopes he'll be a fixer priest.  That way he can fix her car and she'll pay him $500.  I'm right behind her on this one.  We can always use a $500 fixer around here!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gabriel is a little mixed up in the pronoun department.

Gabriel's favorite word is Dabers.  He's called himself Dabers for as long as I can remember. 
"Dabers play cars."
"Dabers hungry!"
"Dabers done eating he supper."
Wait a minute.  He supper?  Poor guy has an aversion to certain pronouns (him and her being two of them).  This seems to really bother a certain grammatically-sensitive older brother.  Andrew has tried correcting his misguided sibling but to no avail.
Yesterday I heard Gabriel say, "Marianna throw she cereal on the floor."
Press on, Big Brother, press on!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What happens when you get a dusting of snow every other day for a whole week?

You go sledding!

(And the adults in the house breathe a sigh of relief.)

Frozen Dabers!

Piano Contest Day!

The big day arrived and Therese was up way too early.  Being that she was a little nervous, we spent some time primping and planning what to wear.  You know, the really important stuff!

Then, she practiced playing her piece for the camera....

Since her big moment was scheduled for 10:57 (let's be exact here),  I started washing the cabinets in the kitchen. (Heck, we've got plenty of time.)  Then, as always happens, I got slightly carried away and pretty soon  we were running a little late.  Oops!

And there's always the line for registration when you finally get in the door...

But we made it in time and 5 minutes later....it's all over. The memorizing, the months of practice, the nervous anticipation....it's all over.

And for what?  The fame... the glory...heavens, no!  It's the post-contest trip to the local grocery store for a hard-earned treat!

We got a little goofy in the store and Therese even insisted on paying for her own grape pop.  All-in-all it was an exciting morning

and even more fun since we were able to share it with you!

Just the Essentials

Diaper and Hearing Aid

(hard enough just keeping those two things on her)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Because Grandma Says There Aren't Enough Pictures of Him On The Blog

Stephen's been heading over to the neighbor's house every day and doing some serious working out.  Some mornings breakfast is included with the deal.

The result of 2 weeks of P90X workouts.

If I didn't have an aversion to excercise and sweat and an increased heart rate and all that, I would definately consider joining him.  As it is, someone has to hold the fort down around here.  Right?

After a little cool down time.

Happiness in the Freezer

What is this we have found nestled between the freezer-burned peppers and the orange juice?  Ah, yes, it is our salvation!

 Marianna is not happy unless she has one in her mouth at all times.

Matthew says she has a tooth infestation. Traditionally I believe it is known as teething, though.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

So this is why she loves me....

I bought the sugar-coated cereal. Shear happiness in every bite. Party at our house this morning...oh yeah, oh yeah! (With all that sugar, party all afternoon, too.)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just to keep things from getting dull....

( and to keep the small fry from killing each other on a chilly January day), we decided to have a basketball tournament.  Here are the highlights:

I predicted Johnny would be the winner. 
Just look at those pecs!
 Then again Andrew could be the spoiler.

What about Tim? Would his accuracy withstand his obvious height disadvantage?
 After much anticipation, the shootout began.....

 with some fairly intense competition following......

The agony of defeat.  Better luck next time!

and the final standings were as follows:
First Place.......Matthew
Second Place.......Johnny
Third Place......Tim
Fourth Place.......Andrew
Fifth Place........Gabriel
Sixth Place......Therese