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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A day in the life of.....

Tonight Dan asked how our school day went.  Guess I forgot to tell him we weren't starting up until next week.  I put off getting organized for the next stretch of our school year because we still had sick kids up until yesterday.  OK, lie, lie, lie....I've been procrastinating.  So today I bit the bullet and got down to business.  Installed three math programs on laptops, added Joseph as a new student on Rosetta Stone Spanish,  organized our school shelf and  played phone tag with the school counselor to get Stephen signed up for college courses next Fall.  Now just have to find a grammar program for him somewhere on the disaster I call bookshelves in the basement!  Also managed to cart Clare to an orthodontist appt.  Here she is after getting the beloved expander off

Timothy also went to the ortho for the much anticipated laser treatment to his gums.  He thought the novacaine was painful, until it wore off .  Apparantly the laser hurts just a tad more than the pizza burn they described before the procedure.  Still managed to wolf down lunch afterwards, though.

So, what's a guilty homeschool mom to do with all the busy little people who aren't getting any school done?  Get creative!

World geography puzzle counts for something, right?

Matthew informed me that the artwork I posted in December was all done by Andrew, so here's one of Matthew's creations to keep things fair.

And Clare did this totally cool thing to our family picture on Facebook.

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