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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Out with the old and in with the new...

Our lovely Christmas tree was painfully removed yesterday.  It seemed such a shame to throw it out since it's one of the few that didn't fall down in the middle of the night (and it wasn't even attached to the wall like last year's tree).  But SOME people really wanted more space for ......
BASKETBALL!!  Gabriel's gift has come in handy since we are having such unusual weather this year.  Check out these totally pitiful snowmen the kids worked on over the weekend

Can you see that sad little fellow?

How about this guy?  He's more leaves and grass than snow.

So instead of being outside, the little's have set up a basketball court spanning the entry and livingroom.

SLAM DUNK!  Courtesy of Johnny.

Now Dan met a guy on retreat who has 13 children and a swing set in his livingroom.  This will happen in my house over my dead.....well, you get the picture.  But our little set-up does have its' advantages.  I can practice my 3-pointer without ever leaving the recliner!  Happy Tuesday!

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