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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A little of this and a little of that...

The little boys got some much needed haircuts this week

and we woke up to more snow this morning and much rejoicing.  The rejoicing was a little premature though.   Not really enough snow to do anything with, so Clare decided to swing.

Kind of pitiful!  But at least it's still snowing and things are starting to look more like MN in January

The kids and I decided to use the blog to showcase some of the things they are learning and make me feel like we're getting something done during our school days.

We'll start things off with this book and 5 things we learned about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

1.  She married William Seton who was very wealthy.

2.  He died on a trip to Italy.

3.  Elizabeth became a Catholic and was shunned by her family and friends.

4. She started a day school for poor children and a boarding school for girls.

5.  She was the 1st American born saint.

6.  Andrew insists I add a 6th thing....She started an American Order of St. Vincent called the Sisters of Charity. (Guess we should do a Top 10 instead of 5.)

( I chose this book because her feast day was right after Christmas. As we read we discovered that this story took place right after the Revolutionary War.  We just finished studying this time period in history.  Love when things like that just fall into place!)

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