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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Piano Contest Day!

The big day arrived and Therese was up way too early.  Being that she was a little nervous, we spent some time primping and planning what to wear.  You know, the really important stuff!

Then, she practiced playing her piece for the camera....

Since her big moment was scheduled for 10:57 (let's be exact here),  I started washing the cabinets in the kitchen. (Heck, we've got plenty of time.)  Then, as always happens, I got slightly carried away and pretty soon  we were running a little late.  Oops!

And there's always the line for registration when you finally get in the door...

But we made it in time and 5 minutes later....it's all over. The memorizing, the months of practice, the nervous anticipation....it's all over.

And for what?  The fame... the glory...heavens, no!  It's the post-contest trip to the local grocery store for a hard-earned treat!

We got a little goofy in the store and Therese even insisted on paying for her own grape pop.  All-in-all it was an exciting morning

and even more fun since we were able to share it with you!

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