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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Not much happening this Saturday morning.  Dan and Joseph both left early.  Dan for Mass and a little birthday shopping for  a certain soon-to-be 6 year old.  Joseph for another round of air soft in WI.  Tim is practicing with his band.  Stephen is over at Johnson's for the day.  Just me and the little's (Clare stayed in bed for most of the morning, she's battling a cold and her teeth still hurt.).  We're entertaining Marianna with the UNO game that spits cards out.  She laughs hysterically every time.  Great fun!

The kids insist on lighting the candles on our Christmas centerpiece for every meal.  Today they decided to light a candle that Matthew made yesterday out of an old beeswax candle making kit he found.  The candle is lovely but it was not the safest situation.

Therese has turned her room into a museum for the day.  Check out the sign on her door...

and browse the many items she has on display.

Blessed Epiphany Water,  Jewelry, 200 year old Bolt?

Indian Arrowhead, Hats
I hear this is a limited showing because her big sister does not appreciate the mess!  So enjoy while you can.

We're also making one last batch of fudge today(so sad!).  Clare's godparents are coming  over tomorrow night to exchange gifts.  Seems kind of late in the season, but one year we celebrated Christmas with them on Valentine's Day so I think we're doing pretty good this time around.  And a most appropriate way to commemorate Epiphany, right?

This final picture is Gabriel's stocking.  Please tell me it's coming along nicely.  I don't think I would have started this tradition if I would have known just how many children would need one in our family.  20 years of stitching later......

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