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Monday, January 30, 2012

Ugh, it's Monday...again!

That means I have to get on the floor and workout.  I know, you're in shock because me and exercise generally don't go together in the same sentence.  I started this program about three weeks ago.  It's not an exercise program per se (I think I've mentioned my aversion to all things exercise.)  This is more of a stretching  and toning deal.  Anyway, I tried it out after seeing books by this physical therapist at Linda's (I read everything in her living room, and kitchen for that matter, during piano lessons).  After years of joint stiffness and pain, this program is really helping me feel better.  Here's the catch....I have to actually DO the program and that means either getting up before Marianna (that's 6AM...a hex be upon you early risers!) or enjoy her added weight on top of my body while I stretch and tone.  Leaving her to entertain herself is not the best idea either.  Here's what I caught her doing this morning...

OK, OK I'll find some breakfast for you!

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