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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pillow Refurb

These pillows came with the comforter in my bedroom.  They've been all over that room, but never on the bed.  The last thing Dan and I need in our bedroom is more pillows, so...

I took Clare out a few weeks ago and had her choose three pieces of fabric that would complement her new bedroom decor.

Finally got everything cut out over the weekend and then discovered that my sewing machine was not going to cooperate.  A little fix-it with superglue and electrical tape and we were back in business!  (The book is in the photo because I was going to join an online sewing link up.  Don't have the time to do all the linky stuff though. Beautiful book if you're looking for a good read.  I can read Fulton Sheen even when the kids are running circles around me.)

Notice they're actually on the bed now... and I didn't put them there either!

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