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Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's a family tradition...

There are really only two Christmas traditions that our family are sticklers about: one is frosting and decorating cookies (which we'll be doing tomorrow) and the other is chopping down our own Christmas tree.  Today we managed to get everyone together for the trip over the hills and through the woods and this is what we found:

Well, first off, we have the original grinch, Marianna.

She absolutely hates. her. snowsuit.  HATES IT!

 Now for the fun stuff...

Gabers wanted an itty-bitty Charlie Brown tree.

Andrew and Johnny were busy dusting snow off the trees.

Marianna was a happy camper on Timothy's shoulders

and Stephen was all psyched to start cutting.

Then we saw "The One".

Or maybe this was "The One". (After a while the trees all look alike to me.)

Now, what do we do with this thing?

Everyone gets involved with decorating...

and even Marianna is happy in the end.

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