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Friday, October 11, 2013

Apple-Picking Time!

This year was an excellent year for our apple trees and we have been thoroughly enjoying the Honeycrisps.  Next week we are supposed to have a hard frost and then the "no name"(this tree was here before we were, so we're not sure what variety it is) apples will be ready.  Here's some of the apple fun that was to be had in the past few weeks.

The homegrown apple-picking crew

Hmm, what is this thing?

Maybe it'll taste good.

Marianna's lovin' on her apple.

It's pie making time.

Therese is always game for helping in the kitchen.

Therese's creation included everyone's initials and leftover dough balls.
Looks like someone took a little nibble out of
one of my picture perfect apples!

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