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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I was on a blogging hiatus, due to Dan running away with my camera (needed it for work, he claims).
I kept saying...I should take a picture of that!  Oops, no camera.  Then Clare scrounged through her room and found the "old" camera, so we're back in the blogging business!

Yesterday, we made Valentine cookies for Clare's chemistry class.  A whole afternoon of cut-outs, baking and frosting...ugh!...today I'm all worn out.  BUT I have pictures to remind me that my littles had LOTS of fun... so it was all worthwhile.

See...those are the cookies!

Love this moment when the house is all quiet with concentration.

How many more do we have to frost?

Who needs frosting?  Miss Marianna knows the broken ones are for eating.

My serious guy...
and his goofy siblings.

My version of decorating for Valentine's Day...cover pre-existing snowflakes with hearts.

Matthew's broken heart masterpiece.
 (Clare refused to bring this one to class...
I thought it was funny but 15yo girls have no sense of humor.)

Matthew's Michaelangelo Valentine
(that kid's got creativity in his bones!)

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