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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Old Christmas Pictures...

Since it's nearing the end of January, it must be time to post Christmas pictures.
Our very own mafia guys

The Christmas Eve Dinner Table

Christmas AM...let the paper ripping begin

 Found the Precious Moments nativity set trapped in our music books...
really people?

lots of sibling helpers

Johnny's joke book just about drove the older brothers crazy.

 bathrobe lovin"
little kids = awesome Christmas!

Clare earns a big hug from Francis for the adorable dress clothes she gave him.

big brother lovin'

the tool guy

The rest of the day was devoted to horrible jokes...

a bit of ice fishing...

serious board games...

and some sort of made up game in the hallway upstairs?

Francis just had to show off his dress clothes one more time...

and Miss Nonnie loves her socks!
So there you have it...
just about one month late.

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