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Monday, November 21, 2016

To the Sea By Way of Monte Sant'Angelo

Since we had made friends with a local,
we were able to visit Monte Sant'Angelo
one of the oldest pilgrimage sites in the world.
Through the countryside, up and down and around the hills we go!

Making friends with the wait staff at Gusto's

Actual site of St. Michael's appearance in the underground caves

We attended Mass here.

Back on the streets, we did some shopping.

We were gifted with this local delicacy
(think 2 communion wafers with caramel and pecan inside,
not something we would run back for anytime soon)...

and Dan found one of the bigger cups of coffee in Italy!

Working hard to get this guy to smile.

Breathtaking scenery

Touring the Swabian Castle of Federico II

Having a little fun in the castle...
but not too much fun...
come on guys, you're supposed to look like you're seriously in trouble!

Then off to the Adriatic Sea...

a little rock picking and gelato to round out the day.

Tomorrow is our last day in San Giovanni, then back to Rome.

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