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Monday, December 19, 2016

Mead Household...Bitter Cold Edition

 (or How to Have Fun When It's -20)

 First order of the day... plenty of fort building
(that's Franny's upper bunk entombed by all the blankets in the house).

Then there's always an old-fashioned nerf war
to fall back on.

Franny makes a great target.

A pink gun for a pink-kind-of girl
(Shorts? Brrrrr!)

Gabriel does his math in style...

and Franny is back for more warfare.

Even the quiet story time is invaded by nerf guns.

Francis is also getting into gift giving this year.
He runs around the house, taping things together and yelling out
who the gift will be for.
(These socks are for Dan, he says.)

Nothing like a never-ending game of Monopoly
(Poor Matthew trying to study in the background.)

Little boy watching for Daddy to come by in the plow truck.

More Monopoly
(Star Wars this time!)

Therese is putting Francis under contract for the Nativity play this year!
(One day he insists he's Joseph, next day he's the innkeeper.
Can't keep track anymore.)

Baking has begun and some people are already begging for chocolate chips...

while others will settle for licking the bowl.

Ugh, didn't get plastic on the windows, yet!

And guess who found the stash of presents in Mommy's room?
(He claims he's only petting them.  The question is...do I believe him?)

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