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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Last of Christmas Vacation

As this morning's temps dip to a chilly -11,  I'll share our fun from last week...

Andrew made a "stove" for Marianna's pots and pans right after Christmas.

We had a "fruitful" visit with Sr. Judith!

Momma still gotta get some schoolwork ready, even during vacation.

Andrew's new jigsaw comes with a black light for marking wood.  The kids tried the marker out on their foreheads (Franny's says "Kick my butt" and Gabriel's said "Loser")...

might as well mark up your hands, too.  (While you're at it!)

The girls tried out a Shrink Art gift...

with a little patience required.

More homemade play dough.

There was some outdoor fun, too.  (Off in the distance there is the beginning of a snow fort.)

Some successful spearing by Joseph on New Year's Eve day...

and good old fashioned family togetherness on New Year's Day.

(And the Christmas tree survived all the action!)

Caption unnecessary for this picture.

Favorite  new recipe for this holiday season...
Cinnamon Roll Coffeecake.

Monday was the end of all the partying and yesterday it was back to the books.  Hope your holidays were awesome, too~!

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