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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Gourmet Treat

Joe K. made a grand attempt to bring a little culture to our family this past weekend.  After taking Joseph and Tim on the town to shop for all the necessities, he settled in to make a meal straight from Italy. 
Of course, at this house, any meal comes complete with many helpers.  I snuck a few pictures in with all the chaos.

Just getting started...
No real Italian meal could be complete without some alcohol.

Add a couple of crazy kids to the mix...
Don't forget to cook off previously mentioned alcohol.
Dig In!...I mean  (ahem!)...Dinner is served!
Dan even ventured a taste of Dark Chocolate gelato.
The Chef Extraordinaire and a couple of his trusty sidekicks.

And last (but not least) the guy who just doesn't know when to quit eating!
This meal was such a delightful treat!  (The leftover potatoes were an excellent addition to Sunday brunch the next morning, as well!) Tomorrow I'll show you what Dan and I were up to while our kitchen was so deliciously invaded.

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