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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An Overly Ambitious Project

This one started with me saying, "It would be nice if we could get rid of all the nasty itch weed, burdock, and thistle that has overtaken the hill going down to the lake."  Such a benign little comment for the drastic measures it produced...

After doing the wild and wooded look for the past 14 years, we pretty much scalped all vegetation from the upper half of our hill in about 3 hours.

In case you're wondering, this patch will be the next to go.  Dan has to round up a brush cutter, since this section has a lot more stumps and other hazards.

Here's Dan enjoying the fruits of his labor.

The Mary garden really stands out without all the tall grass surrounding it.

Here's the view from the house.  The older bunch sees this move as more work in the long run.  You know, gotta mow more!  Once we have grass established, though, we're hoping to let it grow long.  Just not as long as all that field grass... and thistle...and burdock...and the thorn bushes (ouch!).

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