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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sweet Corn!

Joseph came home with sweet corn, compliments of the co-op.  So the choices are:  eat fresh corn until you're sick or freeze it and enjoy golden yumminess all winter long.  We opted to do the work now and enjoy the rewards later.

This bag was full when we started.

Getting down to business.
Clare and I cut the corn off the cob.  See the big, blue bowl?
That bowl caused all sorts of problems.  Marianna insisted there was popcorn in it,
because usually that's what it's used for.

So after saying "no" at least ten times, I gave in and everybody had a morning
snack of (you guessed it) popcorn. 

Andrew went on break before he even worked up a sweat.

OK, so I'm sure this is not considered healthy by today's standards.

This batch was finished in time for lunch and the rest made it
to the freezer.
Then, a few days later, we started the whole process over again.  Joe brought home TWO bags and I roped the big guys into helping me, as my first batch of helpers went on a day trip with Dan and Linda.

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