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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

90 Coats of Paint (or so it felt like at the time)

This project took more time than we originally planned on.  This was the hideous color on the walls of Marianna's room...

Stephen, Clare and I devoted a couple of afternoons to some hard core painting.

And a couple of little boys tried to get in on the action....

See how sweet they're pretending to be?
After more painting than any of us care to remember (and finally getting the bed put together)...

Clare's very own room!
We still have a little more decorating to do but this has been really fun to work on with her.  (Oh, and long before this became a perpetual baby's room, it belonged to a certain somebody who forfeited this privilege due to a lack of organizational skills. Now he's off in seminary and has to do push-ups when he doesn't make his bed.  If only I would have known back then....)


  1. i rather resent that statement about lack of organizational skills

  2. I really think you were kind of young to be very organized at the time, but making the bed would have been a good start.