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Friday, September 21, 2012

It's all in a good night's sleep...

Since I posted about Clare's new room, I thought I better keep things fair and show off Therese's and Marianna's new party room bedroom.  Clare has a real knack for color because when she picked this out in the store, I said no way it was going to match the walls in that room.  I was SO wrong.

While Marianna sleeps, Therese changes her dolls into pajamas for bedtime.

In the room next door,  we have these two squirts.  Have to admit that I wasn't sure how they would do without Matthew and Andrew reading them to sleep each night.  They've been really good sports about it, though.  They look at books and talk a little bit and then we just hear snoring for the rest of the night!

Down in the Swamp we have the newest sleepy heads.  Andrew used to be my early riser but something about sleeping in the basement makes everyone down there tired.  They ARE really good about going to bed when we tell them, which is more than I can say for the first batch of boys that originated down there. They've also succeeded in keeping the room (and Stephen) neat and tidy.

Although it was a ton of work to get everyone moved around,  this arrangement is working really well.  Joseph and Tim might feel differently about that, since they had to sleep on the floor when everyone was home last weekend.  Guess, I'll still have to work on a few of the finer details of the sleeping arrangements but I think we have a good start.

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  1. there is somthing about how dark it is down there, even in the morning. i have noticed that no mater where we have been since i left, either on retreat or at school its hard to sleep when it is light. i realize i get up a lot earlier all week, but even the days that i dont have to get up early, it is impossible to sleep once the light is shining on you.