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Friday, November 30, 2012

The News... As We Know It

Haven't updated around here for a long time.  So here's the news from our neck of the woods:

Joseph is in the final stretch of his first semester at SJV.  Hear snippets of his life when he calls on his way to class or the occasional Sunday call.  Life seems pretty good overall.  He's looking forward to some R&R over the Christmas break before heading to the southern US for some mission work.  Then, of course, back to the books for the spring semester.

Timothy is loving life at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Who wouldn't?  He has laundry service and all the mashed potatoes anyone could hope for.  He's also managed to hold down a new part-time job while going to the Tech. college and still finds time to be the assistant director for the local homeschool play (helps if you know the director, right?).

Stephen finished his first college course for the school year and is looking forward to starting two more on Monday.  He's delivering pizza's pretty much every night in the hopes to save enough money to head back to Haiti in March and still pay for his soccer obsession.

Clare and I have devoted our afternoons to Algebra in the hopes of finding an answer to all the world's problems.  We've discovered we share a quirky sense of humor and spend half our time giggling.  Who knew math could be so much fun?  Thankfully, she gets to share her biology with a nearby homeschool co-op. News from the orthodontist...one more month of headgear. ( I think I've heard that one before.)

This past Tuesday night, Dan took Matthew, Andrew and Stephen to our parish rectory for a "Guy's Night Out"  with our pastors.  They had a lasagna dinner that I still haven't heard the end of and a whole lot of fun getting a glimpse of life as a priest.  They loved it!  (They were the test group, so I'll have to remember to let Fr. Gregory know that this idea is a big hit.)

Johnny lost another tooth...not really big news.  This one came out with the bite of an apple.  How mundane!
Poor kid really has a hard time eating lately.

Gabriel and Marianna are in a quest to see who can keep the Mater and Lightning McQueen cars away from each other.  Maybe St. Nick will have to solve this problem with a matching set.  Hate to see what will happen if they keep duking it out the way they have been lately. And horror of HORRORS, we have lost the CARS DVD.  Marianna wanders the house aimlessly saying, "Watch Carsh, watch Carsh?"  She's devastated, I tell you.  Absolutely, devastated!

Matthew, Andrew and the rest of the littles have actually been sledding on the dusting of snow we have around here.  Crazy kids!  Don't they know winter will be here for a LONG TIME? (Not Marianna,  she WANTS to go outside but is too afraid of her snowsuit to actually wear it. She screams when I take it out of the closet.  What's up with that?)

And that's about all from our neck of the woods as we get ready to celebrate Advent.

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