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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yarn Along

I haven't posted anything in the Yarn Along lately because I have been making very slow progress.  This morning I finished the Owlie Sleep Sack.  It's so warm and soft and the babies on the Ravelry page where I found this pattern are SO adorable.  I thought this yarn was lighter when I originally bought it.  Now that it's all knit up it definitely has "boy" written all over it.  If we have a girl, I suppose I will have to pass the sleep sack on to Dan's niece who is due the week after I am. (She already knows she's having a boy.)

Here's the reason for slow knitting progress and no book to offer for the Yarn Along.  Marianna's Christmas stocking is moving along at a pretty good clip and I hate to interrupt that project right now.  So, no new reading going on around here. (Although, I did just pick up Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie from the library.  I might have to find a little time to start it this week.)

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  1. that sleep sack is so lovely. i wish i had known about sleep sacks, i would have knitted a few up. :)

  2. what a cute sleep sack...love the colors!!!