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Friday, September 6, 2013

The REAL Back to School

After yesterday's post, I thought I'd better redeem myself before the school district comes knocking on our door.
See, they're all working very diligently.
Gabriel is thrilled to be "doing" kindergarten.
(Sheesh, where'd the time go?  Seems like he should still be a toddler!)
We've been studying bugs, lately.  Excuse me, that's "insects"
because we have learned that "bugs" are
a specific term for some insects.
Our budding entymologists managed to kidnap (or would that be bugnap?)
an unsuspecting grasshopper.
We later moved him from the glass jar to this
luxury native habitat...

so he could be observed.
We were rewarded with an up close view of molting.  Pretty cool!
(Couldn't have PLANNED that, if I'd tried!)
After which, Mr. Grasshopper was freed to live another day.
* Note: No critters were maimed in the creation of this post* 

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