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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

To Kick Off Our Labor Day Weekend...

We had thirty-some guys over for a PARTAY!  Yes, it's true.  Joseph called last Monday
and asked if we would be willing to host the entire 3rd floor of his seminary for their floor outing.
We said...sure...bring it on!  Then he called to cancel, two days later. Oh, but, wait...then he called back to ask could they still come? (and that was only about 24 hours before the outing was supposed
to take place).  Ah, well.  It's all good.
We ended up with a perfectly steamy afternoon on Saturday and started up the
fun with a little shoot-out.

Nothing like a high powered rifle to separate the boys from the men.

What would a day at our house be without at least one game of volleyball...
or some good old guitar blues?

Marianna let her toes do some tapping to the music.
(Note the Crocs on the wrong feet. Typical!)

Quick shot of Dan grilling in a downpour.
(The much needed rain we've been praying for.)
Boys will be boys.

The calm after the storm.

Some high stakes card playing on top of the water cooler.

And finally.... Francis Joseph meets Joseph Francis.
(I really should post the story behind Francis' name sometime.
  Without the guy in the awesome Hawaiian shirt, our Francis would
be answering to Thomas or Phillip right now.)

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