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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Grandma said I had to post this...

Our laundry room happens to be the bathroom for the majority of the boys in our family. 

Occasionally, this means that I have to wait to start my laundry in the morning. 

It's only a problem once in awhile but last week it was downright annoying. 

I needed to get in that room to sort clothes and get things moving for the day. 

Couldn't though, door's locked.  

Waiting patiently, I try back later. 
No luck, still locked. 

Waiting impatiently, I yell, "When you're done in there... let me know, I REALLY need to start the laundry." 

A minute later, Timothy emerges, "Sorry, Mom, I was writing a song."

Now that's creativity for you!

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