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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy, Happy Birthday, Dear Gabers!

Gabriel is the happy age of six!  So even though this is very late, I am posting his birthday pictures.
(Better get caught up before next week, which is Therese's birthday!)  Here are six things I love about Gabriel...

#1  He's a very serious guy...gotta work hard to get a smile but it's always worth the effort.

#2  He's a very good buddy to his brother Johnny.  Did you know that wrestling is an important component of being buddies?

#3  He's persistent...a necessary skill as #9 in the family.

#4  He loves being a BIG brother.  Waited 5 years for that little guy and is still looking forward to the day when Fran Man will sleep in his bed with him.  How sweet is that?

#5  Can you tell?  He's kind of shy.  In a family of talkers, love to see some quiet ones.

#6 Gabriel can stow away food like nobody's business.  Does a Mama's heart good to see such an excellent eater!

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