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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Photo Dump

Because August was kind a  blur for me this year, I recently discovered a bunch of pictures that definitely need to be posted but they're rather old news now.  Since this place is all about the memories of life at the lake, I'm photo dumping in this post.  So here goes...

Our budding naturalist...out to save the baby oak trees that were popping
up everywhere this summer.

Part of the NO MOW zone because we
MUST SAVE the little oak trees!!!

Threw my foot in this pic so we can compare size in the future.
We're calling this a "teen" oak since it was
bigger than the rest.

(Flower pics are all courtesy of Clare. Can you spot yet another oak tree?)

Miss Nonnie with the same pair of glasses for over 9 months.
(We all deserve a big pat on the back for this great feat.)

I'm calling this pic... "Girl with Attitude"

It was August so I had to take a few garden pics.

Therese discovered baby rabbits under one of my tomato plants.
They were a huge hit until they got big enough to jump out of the
garden box.

Now here's a happy camper!!!

Hot chocolate every morning....that was their plan.

Lots of misty mornings on the lake.  August was COLD this year.
More of Clare's photography...

This one is a weed that grew under the bird feeder.  Pretty!

Girl's Only afternoon tea.

Marianna's taunting the boys.

Homemade cat house.  Poor cat wasn't even willing to use it.
(Don't tell the boys...they were so proud
 of their handiwork.)

Clare made a birthday cake for the Blessed Mother's birthday.

Birdbath saw more action from Francis than the birds this summer.

Woohoo!! Johnny tamed our super wild cat.

Oh yeah, we actually did a little school in August, too.

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