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Sunday, September 28, 2014

The making of a boat landing...

After talking about making a boat landing on our property for
 the past summer, it took just a couple of hours to actually make it a reality...


And all the work, in between:
Riding out to the work site.

Hmm, which trees need to come down?

Trail made last year along the lake.

Dan started the cutting...

then Joe took over.

The littlest "helpers".

Hauling the wood out.  We put Matt's truck to work, too!

Dragging brush out of the woods.

The last of the brush going on the burn pile.
 Next up...moving dirt and bringing in fill.  Stay tuned!


  1. What a fun family project! I bet you 'll all really enjoy it when it's complete.

  2. Wow, how fun!! does your husband ever stop? Like, does he ever sit down and just, I don't know, RELAX!!?

    Well, I guess we mamas don't either...
    How are you doing? Thinking and praying for all of you!