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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Chris and Jillian's Wedding

Marianna's godmother got married last Friday night, so we partied down...

 Tried to get a picture of Marianna dancing with Joe K.
 and Jillian's little sister, Clare. Both little girls are marathon
dancers.  I'm pretty sure they never left the dance floor.
OK, maybe just a break for a picture with her Jillian.

Did I mention the reception was at a classic car showroom?

The ultimate man-cave.

A couple more pictures right before we hit the road.

Every little girl dreams of being the beautiful bride.
Fun shot of the bride and groom.
What a great couple!


  1. What a beautiful bride!! So modest and I LOVE the red shoes!!! The shoes alone tell me she has an awesome personality!!

    Fun times!

  2. What a cute couple, beautiful bride and wedding gown. I'm with Jamie, love those red shoes!