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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Harvest Theme

A few weeks ago we had an all out apple week...
I knew it was time to start using up apples from our trees
 when I noticed that the fruit flies were holding a convention in my kitchen. 

We made apple juice and applesauce...

we dried apples...
and we ATE apples...

until they were all used up.

1 comment:

  1. Did you make any apple pie apples? My friend Christine cuts all her apples and puts them together into pie apple bags and freezes them, so when she takes them out, she just has to add them to the pan, for apple crumble or whatever...does that make sense? Like she gave me 2 bags and all I had to do was put them into a 13x9 pan, and I just had to add the topping, she had already had the sugar and cinnamon in the apples...I thought it was really neat.

    Love your apple drying thingy...I bet that is so fun!! Looks like Marianna likes apples w/ peanut butter? Or is that carmel?

    I'm online now, marking all the blogs I want to keep in touch with while I'm gone, sending them into an email to myself so I can look them up on the laptop!!

    Hate to say it but our dishwasher just started leaking all over the basement floor and we do not have time to fix it. Tim will have to wash his own dishes!! Ha!! Sorry. Really, I'm sorry. But as a mother, I would think it was funny, if it were my son.

    Thank you for all the beautiful prayers you and your beautiful family prays for us...You are a blessing to us. You are FAMILY too. Tell your husband that my test turned out perfectly fine!! (I'll write about it later on my blog of course!) Such a relief, big big cloud lifted!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, God bless you all!