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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Johnny's Big Day

A huge thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate John Paul's 9th birthday!
It was extra special in his eyes because around here birthday invites are for grandparents and godparents.  Johnny's godparents live in MI and one set of grandparents (usually) bask in the AZ sun at this time of year. 
But this year he entertained all of the grandparents and an extra-fun family, as well!
(You know who you are!)

What can I say?  We really know how to pack'em in.

We even invited the local looney's.

Whew, there he is.  I thought he was lost in the crowd.

Of course, Monday inevitably rolls around and it's
time for the thank you notes.

By far, the most sought after gift, is the Bop It.
(These two claim to have the high score but there are rumblings of unethical play.)
And they're not the only ones vying for playing time!


  1. Happy birthday John Paul!! God bless you!!

    We have 2 kiddos that got Bop-it! for Christmas this year...amazing how many points a 5 year old can get!

    I love your book wall in your living room.

    1. And I love your book "hall" at the top of the stairs! Dan says I should stop by sometime while he's working so I can check out the basement. Miss you all.