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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Easter and Celebrating a New 11 Year Old...

WARNING: This is a serious picture purge.
Coloring eggs on Good Friday...
 Thanks to Dan and Grandma, no major mishaps!
 Guess everyone needs an eyeball egg...
 and Therese was thrilled with her creative genius.
Matthew opted to put the same egg in every cup of dye.
We also did some shrink-wrap style.
 Therese's birthday landed on Holy Saturday this year.
 After spending the day with her godparents
and a favorite cousin...
 she came home in time to celebrate with Coffee Toffee Cheesecake...
 and lasagna (oops, should have taken that picture sooner!)
 Easter Sunday started with the required egg hunt...
 (Dan took pictures, I was too busy cooking.)

 The neighbor was out tilling his field with horses.
 Pretty cool!
 Gabers wanted a picture with his dessert...
 and our last picture is of the after-meal lethargy setting in.
Happy Easter !!

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