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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Days

This month has included...
 a surprise visit from a dishwashing Easter bunny
 who stuck around to finish editing his last
paper for this school year!

 A whole lot of yard camping...
 including an overnighter.
 (Who knew that Dad would say "yes"?)
 Swinging on the "old" swings...
 and a "new" swing...
 thank you, Dad!
Eager kids running around outside in their jammies.
Francis is just putting up with all his crazy siblings.
Planting trees...

on a cold and windy day.
Another appearance of camo-man.

Teeny, tiny birch trees.
We are excited to watch them grow.
This month also included a weekend trip to MI for Dan and I
 while Grandma and Grandpa held the fort down and tamed the kid chaos.
(The kids are wondering when we're leaving again.  They
think Grandma and Grandpa are the BEST!!!)

1 comment:

  1. Love the appearance of "camo man"! Nicholas used to have a pair of camo zipper jammies like that.

    Love the bunny ears too! And the camping outside! How fun! What special memories for the kids!

    Your home and yard is beautiful and full of love!