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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Recent Random Photos from Life in Our Little World

Clare and Marianna had some bonding time recently.
 After polishing Marianna's toenails, they got all pretty together.
 This batch of kids is trying to wear out the beanbag toss...
while camping in the yard.
Obviously, early mornings with Daddy are the best!
 Clare surprised me with flowers from a friend's yard.
 The little people wanted to wash dishes so we gave them their own
suds in the bathroom.

 We used the flowers from our Spring piano recital to
decorate for Mary's month.
We're busy gearing up for the
Wedding/Ordination/Graduation Party scene.
I may or may not be freaking out just a little bit every time I
look at our calendar for the next month. 


  1. Beautiful photos from around home. The blooms are wonderful and aren't they lovely in spring to brighten up the home?
    So far our calendar doesn't look too bad. Yet. I'm more in survival mode for this month just to get school finished and then focus on what needs to be done/planned/events attended, before baby and school starts back up.
    Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. Loved all the photos!! Glad to see Dan actually does stop to rest sometimes!

    Our May/June is pretty dang full...add some house showings in there for good measure and I'll be totally gray by July.