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Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Days...

Good morning to you!

 Yes, this is the kind of craziness I wake up to every day.
Some great fishing off the dock this Spring.

 Dan finished replacing the carpet on our "new" pontoon.

Now we're ready for some hardcore fishing.
 Aside from leveling the sand in the volleyball court,
some of us dedicated a few days to spreading out this mucky mess
left from our new well.

 The boys got creative with the morels this year.
Franny found a new friend.
(The lawn mower, not the brother.)

And, yes, volleyball starts on Friday night and our garage
needs a complete overhaul.

 Did get the garden planted, though...
 after hauling many loads of compost.
The flowerbed is growing more than just mushrooms...

1 comment:

  1. What wonderful May days around your home. Looks like you've been pretty productive. The weather has been ideal for all the blooms and plants around my yard so far this year. I'm fully enjoying all the years of building up the flower beds this year with how lush and big everything has gotten.
    Enjoy your June days! Something tells me we may cross paths more than once this month. Hooray! :)