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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Marianna's Birthday

Marianna turned 5 yesterday, but in order to celebrate properly, we started partying on Tuesday night.

Jillian, stopped over with gifts and cupcakes.

There was fun for everyone...
maybe a little too much fun for some.
Godmother and goddaughter giving each other a bit of attitude.

Singing "Happy Birthday".
Snuck one last picture before the evening was over.
Now on to yesterday's big event...

more presents...

a picture of the braids
(she insists on two braids)
Francis was only interested in the sand shovel.

More "Happy Birthday"... which she is an expert at by now.
She sang it to herself all day yesterday!
Then we moved on to getting ready for our first Friday night volleyball
of the summer...

 Fixing nets...
and some last minute mowing...
but Marianna continued to celebrate with one of her presents,
just to remind us that she is the star of the show.
We're just the supporting cast ya know!

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