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Friday, October 16, 2015

A Wedding to Remember

I hate to admit it but we get invited to a lot of weddings.
It's that season of life.
Graduations and weddings.
Lots and lots of them.
Every once in awhile our WHOLE family is invited to a wedding.
This particular wedding was so special, that our whole family actually ATTENDED.
(That's saying a lot... really.)

I'll start with the bride and groom.
(Since it was their day, right?)
Beautiful couple.

Only picture from the ceremony.
That's Joseph playing the Best Man role perfectly.
Beautiful Mass.

Waiting on the food...

while watching everyone at the head table eating.
(Try explaining that to the 2yo.)

Miss Nonnie strikes a pose.

The boys were thrilled to find a deck of cards.
(Made their mom pretty happy, too.)

Dan got a chance to catch up on the family scoop.

Food.  YES!!

Then, quick...back to the cards guys.

The official first dance.
Beautiful moment.

Then we snuck outside for a quick family photo op.

Yep, that's the whole crew.

And one final photo of the bridal party.
Beautiful day.

Thanks to Jonah and April for inviting us
to share in your celebration!

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  1. Loved all the photos! Beautiful wedding! Love that last picture! (and the family picture!)