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Friday, February 5, 2016

A Fishing Story...

Dan called me from the fish house on Saturday afternoon to
say the fish were biting so fast that he could use some help.
Being the true fisher gal that I am, I rounded up the troops
and went down to "help".
Some of the crowd opted for playing in the snow...

and only gave a wave as I passed by.

Francis was the only one interested in tagging along.

We had to stop and take a few pictures on the way.

The plow on Dan's truck has been a handy addition to winter fun this year.

Aside from us loafers,  Johnny was the only taker on fishing.

Although, Francis gets brownie points for trying.

By the time we got down to the lake,  the fish frenzy was pretty much over.
Marianna decided posing for the camera was more fun, anyway.

Dan's handy set up is comfy with our extra van seat...

until the little guy tries to stand on the seat and Dad saves him from falling
in the hole.

Then it's back to the great outdoors to check on the big kid creativity this year.

Here's how much it's grown since Saturday.

Nice job guys!

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