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Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Little Bit of Life

Here's our February happenings... 
Francis has become an organizational freak.
We have parking lots all over the house.

Bigger kids are working on Lego towns.
I think this is a pizza joint.

House, maybe?

Timothy spent last Sunday showing Dan how to navigate
the iPhone6 plus.
(We also discovered an awesome invoicing app!)

Therese's solution for organizing doll clothes.

Needed to do some cleaning before the start of Lent.

Ah, better!

Lots of playdoh action this winter.

Marianna has worked her way through M...


and O!
Crazy girl!

Francis in a tight space.
We've graduated to Spiderman underwear.

Francis has even taken his organization to the potty chair.
Every man needs his tools close at hand!
One last add on!
Here's my progress on the sweater,
just needs a collar.

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