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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

March Madness

 A little spectacle trading with Mommy.

An afternoon tea!


A quick midweek birthday for a certain 8yo.

 Some outdoor fun with a favorite teddy bear.



and more school.

 And yep, that would be school, too.

A recent Garfield cartoon binge.

Lots of made up game warfare.

He wants a bead necklace, too!

Still plunking away at the Algebra.

Oh happy day, he got a bead necklace, too!

The new Princess Leia look.

Can we eat outside now?

The making of a 1st Communion banner...

with a big sib helper.

After dumping out every box and bucket of toys,
it's time to march around the house with a bow tie on.

Now that's real March Madness!

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