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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Eggs and Pretzels

On Good Friday, we did more house cleaning in the morning,
then made our way to church for noon services
and spent the afternoon dyeing eggs and baking pretzels.
 Matthew was the keeper of the FranMan for these festivities.
 We kept it pretty simple and just used crayons and rubber bands.

Marianna had a little help from Johnny.

 Then we moved on to making homemade pretzels.
 I haven't done this since Joe, Tim and Stephen were little tots.
 Lots of kitchen help on this one!

 Forgot to take a picture of the finished pretzels
but they were really yummy.
The dyeing didn't turn out too bad considering we used brown eggs.
(I just couldn't see buying eggs when we have 10 dozen from our own chickens!)

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