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Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I've decided to blog our pictures from Rome.  One advantage is that you can skip my monologue and just look at pictures if you prefer.  The other plus is that when you get bored, you can literally walk away and I won't be offended!  (Unlike those who have already suffered through the retelling.)  The disadvantage is that it will take me awhile to post. Sorry!

So without further adieu, here goes...

first international flight evah

that's the Alps under the clouds there

first stop in Rome... Casa Santa Maria alle Fornaci

then a quick walk to the PNAC for our papal audience tickets

a great find on the way back to the hotel

and a bottle of wine from the St. Cloud seminarians studying in Rome

a very nice European bathroom, ladies

must have tickets

security is everywhere

people-watching before the Holy Father arrives

who are these people?

wait, wait, there he is, I think
the crowd behind us

Dan tried to take a picture of the Italian military, big no-no, so he settled
for a quick pic with the police.

serious parking issues

really serious parking issues


Once Dan knew that there would be no photographing military, it became his mission to get them in the background.  Hence this lovely picture.

A short walk from St. Peter's, this is Castel Sant'Angelo
(otherwise known as Hadrian's Mausoleum)

and the not so lovely Tiber
(made me truly appreciate our beautiful lake)

what's Rome without persistent traffic

and a car dealership!!

Stay tuned for future updates...

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