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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The usual update

Here's what's new around our house:

Joseph has been working at the local co-op for the past two weeks.  Supposed to be part time but last week he worked 12 hours a day.  Don't see much of him but he really likes the work and there will be great joy around here when he gets his first paycheck.  He's calling in all his previous loans to younger brothers trying to stay afloat until the end of the week!

Timothy has taken over Stephen's farm job.  He works 2 days a week moving eggs and he's still hanging on to the pizza job for now.  Also finished his application for the Tech college.  I had to break down and get his high school transcript completed.  I'm such a procrastinator about these things.

Getting a little wild while washing dishes.

Stephen finally managed to make it to soccer practice for his summer travel team.  The coach is a former professional player for the Premier league in England.  Nothing to sneeze at, according to Stephen.  Good thing his job at the Prep school is slowing down because life is all about soccer now.

Clare is adjusting to life with a headgear.  What a good girl!  She wears it 12 hours a day (sometimes longer)  and suffers through all of her brothers' loving comments about looking like something out of Star Wars.  It's a bummer to actually have to pay for such torture.

Grandpa Dave's congas really need to find their way back home.
The middle and little boys have been helping me clean closets this past week.  Therese's 1st Communion Day brought us hand-me-downs from three different sources... a sure sign it was time to reorganize.  Everyone is excited about their "new" stuff as clothing gets shifted down to the next younger brother. I took a picture of the results because I know this kind of organization won't last long.

Next week: the girls' closet!
Miss Marianna is into repeating everything we say.  Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds.  My favorite is still "OK".  When we ask if she wants to play outside, she runs to find her shoes and yells, "OK".

We're all about recycling around here.

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