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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yarn Along

I skipped a couple of Yarn Along's because I had nothing to show for my recent knitting time.  I realized part way through the fleurette project that I was reading the pattern incorrectly so a whole lot of ripping and recounting has been going on. I didn't bother with a picture because it looks about the same as the last time I posted it.

In my desire for a faster project, I started this scarf...

It's the first time I've ever knit with sock yarn.  Don't remember how it ended up in my stash.  Not the softest yarn in the world but I like the way it looks.  Wasn't as fast as I thought it would be either.  The pattern refused to stick in my head and it's only a 2 row repeat.  Ugh! After some major ripping out sessions, I am starting to see progress.

In a sudden turn of mad woman knitting frenzy, I did get this little shrug finished last week for Marianna to wear on Easter. (Started Palm Sunday; finished Good Friday!)

The original pattern is a full length sweater but I didn't have the time or patience (probably not enough yarn either!) so made a few modifications. I can't say enough about Baby Bunny yarn.  It is just so soft and sweet.  Kind of reminds me of the little girl who this was made for! I hope she will get some use out of it this summer, too.

As for reading material, I have been SLOWLY working my way through the Moviegoer by Walker Percy.  I thought his writing was similar to Flannery O'Connor's and her stories fascinate me, so I jumped into this novel with anticipation.  This post has helped me get a grasp of the author's life.  Now I'm hoping to get more out of the storyline.   Maybe I'll have a better opinion of it by next week.

Happy Yarn Along with Ginny!

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  1. oh your little shrug is adorable! Sometimes fast mad knitting is a great way to get a project done!!! Happy knitting!!!