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Monday, April 2, 2012

Life without a decent camera

Yesterday we celebrated Therese's birthday, although she's not officially 8 until Wednesday.  These pitiful photos are all I have to show for the day because, as I've already mentioned, my camera is in Haiti.  I generally leave all complaining about electronics to Dan (he's just so good at it!) but I have to say that Clare's camera makes me want to pull my hair out and scream at the top of my lungs.  It is completely obstinate. Shuts off for no reason and then won't shut off when I want it to. After 7 pictures it insisted the memory was full and then later I took about 10 more pictures with it.  What's up with that?  So enough  of my ranting, without further adieu...here's our day in whatever pictures could be had.

 We started off with some outdoor entertainment by Timothy.  Grandpa Dave made a new guitar and Timmer was working the bugs out of the design.

Mesmerized little brothers
Checked out the garden with Grandma.  Can you see those mini radish leaves?

My indoor shots were really awful...here's Therese showing off a card that Matthew made for her.  He has decided to make a pop-up card for each family member's birthday. 

Clare had to try out Therese's new sleeping bag. 

Coffee Toffee Cheesecake was the dessert of choice.  Therese has excellent taste.

She was also kind enough to let Clare share the spotlight and perform her Book Three Piano Recital.

And the prize for the most annoying present goes to this little jewel...

In case you (like me) have no idea what this is I will enlighten you now.  It's a bedroom doorbell...something every girl needs apparently.  I have come to the conclusion that our family should not be allowed such luxuries BECAUSE IT IS GOING TO DRIVE ME NUTS.  It has made the little boys extremely happy though.  I guess that counts for something.


  1. Sorry about not having your camera. Did you say it was in Haiti? I haven't seen a Minnesota camera all week?

  2. I'm not surprised. This same camera went all the way to Madrid last summer and then was used by someone else in the pilgrimage group because her camera broke. We had beautiful pictures of people we didn't know. My boys are not big in the photo department. I'll have to send Clare if someone's going to take pictures.